Stu Cowan: Former Canadien Steve Bégin gets his high school degree — Montreal Gazette

More than 20,000 Quebecers drop out of high school each year and Bégin hopes he can inspire some of them to get their diploma. “I’m proud for my kids,” Bégin said about his two daughters — Méanne (14) and Maylia (11). “My kids go to school … so it would have been tough for me to talk to them about school, how important it is, if I’m not done with my high school. Now it’s done, so I can sit with them and talk about how important school is. “It’s just a great day.”

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In the Habs’ Room: ‘Let’s cut the chase, I wasn’t very good,’ Price says — Montreal Gazette

Carey Price was a man of few words Thursday night, but he didn’t need many words to sum up the Canadiens’ 6-5 overtime loss to the Buffalo Sabres.

“Let’s cut the chase, I wasn’t very good,” Price said to kick off a post-game scrum that lasted 56 seconds.

Price, who is trying to bounce back from the worst season of his career, has given up at least four goals in each of his last four starts and his numbers aren’t very good. After Thursday’s debacle, he has a 3.07 goals-against average and an .892 save percentage.

Price wasn’t looking for any excuses. When asked about defensive breakdowns in front of him, he replied: “I’m not playing as well as I did earlier.”

And when he was asked whether changes in the equipment contributed to the fall-off in his play, he said: “No. it’s all upstairs. I’ll figure it out.”

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Juventus: Why Italians are so much more than Cristiano Ronaldo — High Velocity Sport

If it’s not him starting, then it will be another. Ronaldo brings supreme quality and a winning mentality but the talents flanking him and the club’s squad depth is the main reason why Juve could be the team to beat in Europe. Especially when you consider those talents are in the hands of Allegri, the master of substitutions, versatility and balance.

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